Personal Excellence

So what’s it all about bitches 🙂

I can tell you now that it isn’t about trying to prove yourself to the next person.

Or trying to be the next mofo supermodel – who is probably photoshopped and puking between photoshoots and wishing that she was really what she was trying to appear – or actually is and being used up by life for what she is and wondering where she went wrong.

Ya so now that we’ve got that little ray of sunshine out of the way, let’s talk about personal excellence and why it is your best friend in anything that you want to achieve in life.

Personal Excellence is your best friend because it is going to be your DRIVER.
Personal Excellence will be the one who will honestly tell you… baby girl, do you really want that cake or do you want the hot ass, because you have to chose…

And if you chose the cake don’t come crying to me, I just told you 🙂

Personal Excellence will be the one who kicks that hot ass to the matt or to your workout shoes, the one who gets you out of bed when you just don’t want to get. And the one who will be your biggest fan from the inside when you hit your mark. And then when you do it again. And again.


So how do you make best friends with this Personal Excellence thingy majigy?

First you take a little quiet time to really feel what it is that you want.

It has to be personal to you (otherwise it wouldn’t be personal excellence now would it.)

You don’t want to be 130lbs because the girl down the street is 130 or because you want to look like the movie star or lead singer – unless of course you are a movie star or lead singer. In that case, carry on…

You want to be 130lbs because it is the way you feel the best. It’s the way you like the way that you like your clothes to fit. It’s the way that you like the way you move. It’s the way that you feel strong.

Personal Excellence is the thing that makes you feel like that hot bitch that you are.

You have to own it.

Own the desire.

Own the knowledge and the confidence 100% that you can do it.

The keyword here is DO.

And that you can become it. Be it.

The keyword here is BE.

BE what you are. BE what you want to be.

It’s up to you and you alone.

That’s the other secret.

Personal Excellence is your best friend because despite all of your friends, all of your family, all of your groups, likes, smiles and even hugs, you are in this on your own. It’s totally up to you how you do with this and how you do in life.

Your on your own but Personal Excellence is there with you. Every step of the way.

It won’t come to you wrapped in a bow.

There will be blood. There will be sweat, and plenty of it. And there will be tears.

But that’s OK.

That means your alive. Your participating.

Your doing it.

That’s all you need to do.











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