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Hot Bitch

Hot is an attitude… But we already know that HERE IN HOT BITCH LAND :0))   Hot is knowing who you are and liking her. Hot is knowing what you want to do, and doing it. Hot is never backing down if you are right. If you are being bullied. If you are being disrespected. […]

Personal Excellence

So what’s it all about bitches 🙂 I can tell you now that it isn’t about trying to prove yourself to the next person. Or trying to be the next mofo supermodel – who is probably photoshopped and puking between photoshoots and wishing that she was really what she was trying to appear – or […]

Happy New Year!!

CHEERS BITCHES!! Just wanted to acknowledge the ushering in of 2018. It’s going to be a kick ass year, I just know it!! As I write this I haven’t been able to prep the club for everyone yet but it’s coming soon. Just one more good thing coming up for this year. Get ready, it’s […]