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You Can Have Beauty

In your life… Sometimes life is chaotic. So chaotic that there just doesn’t seem to be time to do what it takes to move forward. To have the beauty that comes from doing what we want, having some peace. Some time… So guess what you have to do little miss. You. Have. To. Take. It. […]

A Little Numbers Trick

I may be jumping the gun but I figure that any way you figure it, it’s going to help. Firstly, no matter if you try this you should be checking in with yourself weekly. Take the measurements that you are most interested in. Write them on a calendar on the wall. Choose the same day […]

Great Things Coming UP!

I am a firm believer in accountability to someone else who is achieving or has achieved your goals and also to your self. Writing it down has always been my go to for best success and during the times that I would have to submit to a coach – results through the roof! Just knowing […]

Day Three – Wahhhh!!!

Feeling a little like George Bush when someone hacked google and had his name come up under Dismal Failure but I earned it!! Was so tired when I got home last night that I fell asleep and when I woke up it was too late to work out. AND I WAS SORE!! So in a […]

Day Two – Core de Force

Or otherwise known as WTF……. I have been in the best shape of my life about 3 years ago at age 52. I have worked out over the years pretty hard and consistently. And I am not sure that I have ever been as pleasantly surprised as the way the Core de Force Beachbody workout […]

Welcome Bitches!!

Woohoo!! I always wanted to say that lol. OK before we get a little crazy, I just want to say sincerely how happy I am that you are here, and that you are going to start doing some great things starting today! The truth is, everything begins in your mind. Your entire life. Yep. There […]