I Had TWO MOFO Donuts – At Once!

Firstly I realize that I should be toning down the language on the off chance that there are a few ladies here that may be a bitch who loves fitness but takes offense at the acronym of MOFO.

That out of the way, I ate two mother fucking donuts today!! I have never! Really, I don’t remember a time that I have eaten two great big donuts. Well I just had to do it today. There have been these freaking donuts going through my til at work for weeks now and I have not succumbed one time. And then one of the guys GAVE me one. How do you say no to that. And then there was a box of the special ones that we only have once a year on the lunchroom table (from hell – but we like it!) and I was starving and hadn’t eaten much and the rest is history.

So what’s the point you may be asking. That isn’t really news. That IS the point. It ISN’T news. You know what. You just keep going and say fuck this shit! I’m going to carry on. I’m not using this as an excuse to ‘have a bad day’ and get set back even more. I’m not using this as an excuse to pig out again tomorrow. Nope. Back at it. Doubled up the treadmill since I’m only doing it as a supplement right now anyway and LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. LOVE THAT SWEAT!! Every drop is a step closer to the day that I don’t have to wince when I do up my pants or look at my belly button which used to sport a sexy belly button ring. Now it just has a poor little belly button ring trying to catch a breath of air through the folds of belly button that seem to have expanded beyond comprehension – over night!

So ya. If you have done a similar dumb ass thing like eat two donuts the same day that you measured in at a completely satisfying lower number than last night, kick your ass. Kick your ass right into gear and get a move on. Let’s go!


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