Great Things Coming UP!

I am a firm believer in accountability to someone else who is achieving or has achieved your goals and also to your self. Writing it down has always been my go to for best success and during the times that I would have to submit to a coach – results through the roof! Just knowing that someone who I respected, knew was capable and most of all, who actually gave a shit about my results and was truly rooting for me and even EXPECTING ME TO WIN was priceless.

Recently while upgrading this site I’ve come upon an opportunity to provide my clients aka fellow B.I.T.C.H.E.S. with your own online journal on which you can record anything you like. And I will have access to it. I will create a check in day once weekly. All that you need to do is your best and write it down. I will be able to provide feedback and suggestions, motivation, ideas and anything else that we feel will be useful for YOU to succeed on your health and fitness – and ultimate destination of fitting back into those heels and skinny jeans and strutting around anywhere you’d like your little ass to go!

Imagine that! Really. Imagine it for a minute because it can be yours. It will take some dedication, time and effort but no matter where you are now, we all start at the same place. We do our best and make consistent strides forward. Every day we get a little better even if we can’t see it yet. And every day we get a little stronger. And a little closer. A little healthier. A little more confident. A little more sparkle. And then one day those jeans are just a little bit looser. One day we can button them up without cursing, crying and throwing them in a ball on the floor. And then one day, we zip them up and strut like a boss. Because well, we are one. We are the boss of ourself. So let’s step up and start acting like one. Right?

Ya. That’s You Baby!


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