Day Two – Core de Force

Or otherwise known as WTF…….

I have been in the best shape of my life about 3 years ago at age 52. I have worked out over the years pretty hard and consistently. And I am not sure that I have ever been as pleasantly surprised as the way the Core de Force Beachbody workout makes me feel. It’s a Bitch!! Tough as nails but doable because you can do every move to suit your own level. As long as you are hitting it you don’t need to be doing it like one of the pro instructors. Which is a good thing in my world!

But the sweat when you finish up is what I have just decided to name a Deep Sweat. Surface sweats are fantastic. All over body sweats are fantastic. But I can tell when I am getting a particularly cleansing sweat when my face gets rosey and the sweat just seems to be coming from deep within me. Then I must hop in the shower and when I am finished I feel on top of the world. THAT my friend is a great workout.

So just finished day two and feeling fine. Also feeling fat!! I can’t wait until I can get my big old belly out of the way!! Day 30 here I come and I am fully expecting results!!

First thing to do? Take your before pictures, weight and measurements. Why? Not to send you into a deep depression and make you go binge on everything that you should not be eating before you go to bed or at any other time. NO. Because you are going to feel so good looking at that droopy little what ever it is in a month or two of hitting it. Even if it takes longer that’s ok because you will be able to see the progress. It’s a process! But as you know you have to start so day one – weigh, measure and take some belly pics 🙂 And what ever else you’d like to document. I do it from both sides, back and front and get a good close up of what ever areas I most want to see improved.


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