A Little Numbers Trick

I may be jumping the gun but I figure that any way you figure it, it’s going to help. Firstly, no matter if you try this you should be checking in with yourself weekly. Take the measurements that you are most interested in. Write them on a calendar on the wall. Choose the same day every week. I choose Tuesdays. I’ll tell you why later 🙂 It doesn’t hurt to do a more complete assessment monthly just for kicks – because if you keep working you are going to like what you see. It’s one of those things that we can be eternally grateful for.

Here’s where it gets fun. Rather than record your numbers AFTER you measure, record the week ahead to what you know that you can do. This may be a little tricky if you sporadically lose. I know what’s normal for me IF I DO WHAT I NEED TO DO – AND THEN SOME. I can lose 1lb and 1cm off of my waist and belly area per week. I know that many can do better but hey, I’m ok with it (faster would be better, just sayin’ 🙂

I did it last week in pure frustration because I was not disciplining myself to the point that I needed to so it was my way of saying, there asshole, you are going to start getting your ass in gear. And voila, this week I hit it. To be fair, I switched up my workout to a whole other level of intensity beyond what I thought was already a step up but it is showing results. So now I’m really pumped to keep going and cleaning up on those areas that I was not.

So why not give it a try? Just don’t put a number there that you know you won’t be able to hit. Go Low and then you will be pleasantly surprised but motivated.

In the case of disappointment, don’t let it stop you. Just WORK THAT MUCH HARDER, especially if you know that you have not been hitting it.

Have a Great Week!


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