Start Small Work Up!

I’ve always been a firm believer in easing in.

Starting out in overwhelm is a recipe for disaster and it really doesn’t take long.

It’s a matter of deciding what you want to start with and adding from there.


I like to start with water.

If you aren’t drinking enough…

Start today.

Eating Cleaner

I will also make a good stab at cleaning up my eating. I won’t go crazy about hitting 90% which is usually my goal, but I will take out the obvious things that are obviously sabotaging my health and good looks. Things like the daily donut, the daily pop and chips with a daily movie, the daily tim hortons run (yes, even if there is some running involved, you gotta quit that), or what ever has been getting in your way. Start small. Remove one thing for a few days as you add in something good like more salads, green smoothies or fruit/protein snacks. Yes it is THAT SIMPLE.

Add Some Daily Activity

About this time I like to add some kind of activity that I enjoy. I usually start with walking.

Then yoga. Because they are both very beneficial but enjoyable and you WILL see results from them. You may even decide that doing these two things regularly will be enough.

If you want more, then you can get a little more hard core.

I started with adding the treadmill because…

I like to sweat!!


I like to get my aggressions aka stress out.

You can do that walking in nature too, they call it a nature bath but it’s a little different than running your little, medium or large ass off, size doesn’t matter, to some great honking music, looking in the mirror, sweat rolling in your eyes and down your entire body, while scrunching up your nose and flipping the bird high in the air yelling, “Ya, Fuck You Mother Fucker!!!” to the old boyfriend who just dumped you for a young little thing (ya that happened so I’m entitled to a little post break up workout recovery that maybe could be called homicidal anger but nothing personal 🙂 or to the customer at work who was very rude and made you feel like a shit hole or even just to the universe in general who is supporting you on this ride but there are always those little bits that get in there that drive you crazy so you just want to have your say. It’s all good.

After you’ve been getting high on the endorphins from running the treadmill while shaking your fist cursing at random things for awhile and your feeling like a powerhouse hitting it some more, it’s time to get a little more serious.

Add Some Resistance AKA Weight Training – Yes You!!

Resistance training aka weight training is the next ‘thing’ you’re going to want to add to take your gorgeous little self (again medium or large, it don’t matter, you are still gorgeous and still bursting with potential to be the hottest fox that you ever wanted to be. It’s all you, all you missy.) It will sculpt and tone you in places that you never even realized that you had. And some that you did and are going to want to start showing off soon. And yes, you can curse through your weight lifting routine as well if you want to. It really does help.

There are some other cool things that we will explore as we go along as well. I LOOVE working with bands and there are also foam rollers to help keep us lose and body weight exercises. Pilates are also good. You don’t need to do them all, in fact you won’t want to do them all at once but they are all good to chose from or to switch up to from time to time.


Then there is also adding in hobbies that can be the best form of exercise or additional boost. Biking, swimming, tennis, team sports, rollerblading, (yes you can!! I learned when I was 51 and now it is my very favourite thing to do and it is a workout extraordinare!)

Working Out at the Gym

Some prefer to do their workouts at the gym. I never got into it much but there sure is a potential there because of the variety and range of equipment. We’ll talk more about the pros and cons later. The bottom line is do what works for you. It’s that simple.

But First

Grab a binder and some paper or a notebook that you love. And a pen or markers that you love to write with. You will be needing a journal. That you love lol.

I like colour, it just makes it more fun. I love colour actually. 🙂








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